Career Counselling and Assessment!

What is a Career Assessment. and why it’s required.? Does it enough for discovering your future?

Career Assessment is a big word. If I say you should focus on your interest you will be confused because all are saying the same thing.
Even some of them had told to you “Do what you love, or love what you do”.
But Is it not creating something dilemma situation? So where is the issue?
We love too many things, then which things you should do.

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And why you are doing if you have no love for that, you are doing just for living, I am sorry to say, you and animals have no difference if you are doing the things for sake of living.
Because all human beings have the same kind of body and they have approx. the same kind of feature but those who have much knowledge to use their power are more successful.

Now you will say do they have magic?

They all are aware of, In which things they are best.
Now you will say I have also some qualities in which I am best.
Such as Any games, Dancing, Singing, Writing, or Maybe in any subject,
Is it not so?
You may have several abilities in which you are best.

But You are not successful why?

You have explored only one dimension of success if you have awareness about In which thing you are best, and what you love.

This is the assessment.

And if someone can focus light on your capabilities and show you the mirror of your birth connected, abilities which you love to do.

It is called the Career Assessment.

Simply I say Inbuild feature, which you had been loving to do. till it was not interrupted by society.

For Example – Why in Society we have not Writers like Shree Munshi Premchand or poets like Shree Tulsidas.

In Modern Time you can easily understand by the example of Dr.Kumar Vishwash He left his engineering and became a Poet and Writer and He is the best in his field but the students who have completed their engineering, who know them, were they not the best?

But Maximum of them could not discover their capabilities.

In this modern time, there are two issues with society, your parents only want to invest where they found there is a future and you also do not want to take risk of being wrong.
So you and your parents are more focused on opting for an option which has more market need, like Engineering in CSE & Data Science, and MBBS basically trending area.

For those who are weak in science their parents focus on MBA or for the government job.
So, what is wrong?
Your parents want a stable and good life for you, and you also want a Luxuries life.
Whatever you have planned maybe you have achieved something or you will able to achieve 40% of your plan.

But you will belong in 80% of the community those are living their rich life, below 
the 20% of the community those are living luxurious life.

Why you are not in 20% to live a luxury life? you do what you love right?
So you will say where is the issue?

Why in society we all are not equal? and we are not going to be equal until and unless we are not going for the discovery of our own niche.

That way there is the requirement of Career Assessment and Niche Selection?
the only Assessment is not enough for making you successful.

So you will say what is a niche?

Niche selection is a real understanding of, do what you love.
But here I will add one new thing -Find your love which can full the need of the market.
You have several qualities but your qualities that can fulfill the market need will be your niche.
Once you are able to discover your ability, which has the capability to full fill the market need you will get paid well.

And with your experience, you will be the master of that your sole purpose of being wealthy will be solved.
You Can easily find a career counselor but who is going to be your mentor to help you to find where niche.
Along with Discovery, with a practical impact, a niche selection process will complete.
That’s why a Mentorship is required.

And I Called itโ€Šโ€”โ€ŠCareer Manthan by Mentor.

Many working professionals are not happy with their life although they are earning well.
In a 9 to 6 job, if I consider 5 working days, you spent approx 12 years of your life on the job, if I consider 55 years of working life.

How someone can do 12 years of life on work that he does not love. Does it not sound like a big serious issue that you have never realized. Now you will say I have completed my graduation or post-graduation, and have 5-year experience how I can find my niche, I have responsibilities. So I will suggest you, start working and finding your niche take it slowly you will switch completely to your niche maybe after 1 year, and believe me, you will be very happy.
If you are a student of 10th or 12th, don’t opt on behalf of the suggestion of anyone or by influencing from society. Once realize feel the impact and then start with any options.

So what are you waiting for? Connect me and, let me help you, to find your niche.
Today – Now. ๐Ÿ™‚

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