Emotional Intelligence!

What is Emotional Intelligence?

Are you feeling the same?

No way to go? No path to decide?

Do not know what to choose, How to deal?

No matter who you are?

Students, Working professional, Senior Citizen.

The Dilemma situation keeps coming up at each stage of life.

Which leads you to a point of discovery.

Either you lose something which is technically not yours.

Either you gain something which is technically not your for time being, you are the owner or I should say, caretaker.
So it is life.

You love Discovery but you do not love the dilemma situation which is the base of discovery.

So here is the requirement of Emotional Intelligence.

You are not aware of emotional intelligence, the kind of input you put in mind, it creates feelings for that input and it combined and conclude us to act like that state.

Suppose, you reach in college, your morning with family went with some unwanted discussion, then when in college faculty ask to explain something you feel fear, anger dissatisfaction, and your emotions and thoughts lead you to make a fool in front of the class.

But suppose, if you reach happy at college, and faculty told you to explain something, you feel it a good thing he wants to discuss with you and hear you, you explain something because you are choosing a teacher as a guide and students as same like you and you can easily open up on the front of them.

So your emotions lead you to thoughts that are joyful and full of awareness.

So in a happy state, your mind emotions thoughts lead you to a level of excellence.
But in unhappiness, you could not choose. but mind thoughts are keep coming.

It works very fast to give you a quick response. It’s a fundamental feature of the mind.

But once you start interpreting your thoughts, and feelings,  what to choose, and how to act your dilemma situation can be handled very well.

So it’s very necessary to have Emotional Intelligence.

Its takes a long time and practice to interpret your feeling at a particular situation.

Which feeling choose so that thought can be as you want, and you act like as you want.
Analyze any 4–5 incidents and write what was the situation and how was your behavior and how you wanted to act.
so next time when something happened you will able to interpret and choose.

It will take time but start working on it.

Soon you will able to handle your dilemma situation.

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