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On-Page SEO or on-site Search Engine Optimization. 

 As the name suggests about the On-Page Search Engine Optimization, “whatever trick and tactic you apply on your Page so that it can send signals to search engine and it ranks on top.”  

 Search Engines communicate with the webmaster and analyze the content on the parameter of relevancy & quality, and rank them.  

 You can ask why these 2 parameters are essential?  

 Suppose if you are searching for Top 10 laptops, and you are getting results of top 10 Mobiles phones.  

 Even the quality of mobile phones is good but it is not relevant to your search.  

  Relevancy signals matter a lot then the quality signals.  

  So here you can say, if someone uses keywords, which peoples are searching and write anything then it will get the best rank.   

  It is not exactly like that normally we call it black hat SEO when people’s content quality is not good but keywords match is great.   

But there is also some other factor that involves measuring the quality like LSI keywords.  

When we think about On-Page Seo, it is very necessary to think about our audience rather than keywords.  

Back Hat SEO is not successful for a long-time practice.  

You can ask what are the Key factor or checklist Involves, for On-Page SEO.  

Below is the factor or checklist that helps you to improve On-Page SEO or on-site SEO quality.  


  • Page Speed  
  • Title Tag  
  • Meta Description  
  • H 1 Heading Tag  
  • URL Keywords  
  • Keywords in Content  
  • LSI Keywords  
  • Image ALT Tag  
  • Internal Link  
  • Content-Length  

 Now you need to know all factor in details for Advance SEO practice.


  • Page Speed

For an excellent user experience, it’s matters a lot to have a great page speed. 

Around 50% of website users expect a page to load in 2 seconds. Conversion goes up with better page load speed. 

And Page speed can be improved only by On Page. 

One of the page speed lower factors is image quality and size. 

That you can improve by plugin your WordPress. 

One of the famous plugs in is tinypng that reduced the size of the image without damaging the quality of the images. 

Good Hosting Service along with better caching (W3 Total cache for WordPress) plug-in help to light the page. 

Amazon has found that higher page speed has increased their revenue. 

You can ask how you can check your page speed to improve on Page SEO? 

There are some Paid and free tools to check your page speed, mentioned below  

  1. Pingdom PingdomSpeedtest for On Page SEO

You can see in the image my blog website authorpankaj.com load in 568 milliseconds.

A good speed is less than 2Second.

Some other tools are also available like

2. Page Speed Insight  

3.GT Matrix  




  • Title, Meta Description & URL  

On Page SEO factors TITLE Meta Description

As you can see in the image the Title, Meta Description, and URL  

 For a good title, the Initial word must match with the search keywords & in the description search keywords shows in bold. 

And as per the aherfs.com survey if the URL is short and relevant it works better than long keywords. 

If URL has a minimum fold like / or _ it works better.

What should be the length of content? 

For On-Page SEO length of content is always in illusion. Some believe long content is good, some believe people do not like long content they prefer short content. 

 But the fact is 90% of web users prefer short content. 

But your customer is only 10% those read long content. 

Long term content gets more links, more conversion, more engagement from the high intent user (who might be your customer)  

As per the research of SERPIQ Top 10 result, You can see the below graph those got rank have 2000+ words.

So for On-Page SEO Keywords with quality is a big factor.

Long Content Length has good On Page seo

Longer content gets more link and social media share as per moz.com  

As per the below images if your content length is good you will get more social media share and ultimately you will get more traffic on your website.

Longer content for good SEO

As per research from NielPatel longer content has more shares. 

long tail search has better intent

And long-tail keywords have better intent. 

Like Top Digital Marketing Courses in Mumbai. 

 Here you can ask what should be the design, of content so that it could SEO & user-friendly?.

The content Title & Heading <h1> <h2> should be clear. 

Keywords occurring should be in a natural way. 

Image Name with ALT Tag 

Rich content on Pages (Slides & Videos) 

Create good engagement less bounce rate. 

 If you have your own blog or you have experience with WordPress, I believe you will able to understand On-Page SEO. 

 The last major factor is LSI keywords. 

Latent Symantec Keywords helps Google Search Engine to major the quality user-friendly content. 

Human in their life what kind of question can ask? With a particular topic that you get with help of Latent Symantec Keywords. 

LSI Keywords for On-Page SEO 

As you can see in the image if you will search for a keyword exercise in LSIgraph it will show you related keywords from the exercise.

When search engines find the keywords related to LSI it considers, as good quality and user-friendly content.

Images ALT Tag: 

When you insert images in your blog images Title and Name with the ALT tag should be mention properly because the search engine will understand the name that mentions with the ALT tag as you can see in the image.Image ALT Text for On Page SEO factor


Keyword Research: One of the big factors of on-site SEO or On-Page SEO is Keyword Research before writing any blog or content you need to know about your audience’s queries and write your blog as the solution to their problem.

There are several tools for Keywords Search.

  1. Auto Google Suggest
  2. Ahrefs.com
  3. Semrush.com


Internal Link: I have written a blog about On-Page SEO so I can link my other blog related to SEO with this blog by adding the link to this blog.

So that users can explore another blog also and get some great ideas about SEO.


If you are doing all the above practice with writing your blog, you will get good organic traffic over time.

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