The Secret of Self-Motivation

What is the Secret of Self-Motivation?

You may have listened to other peoples who always told you that be self-motivated. Always be positive but no one will tell you what is self-motivation?

How to be positive?

It may be also possible that you have also felt motivated by watching others’ success, or Movie but this motivation you found for a few moments. But then your mind starts arguing with you, about the situation you have handled and you are now.

Your mind says to you, you have handled such a critical situation to be who you are.
And started giving you, the reason to blame others, for your current situation.

And you start living the way you are living.

Maybe you had followed some other techniques of doing different but only for a few days.

Why is this so?

Here are things to analyze.

If you’re motivating through others, it’s called mutual induction, which often happened with you.

But it’s not self-induction.

You will ask why you are confusing?

I am not confusing you, I am only clarifying by focusing light on the dark belief of your mind.

Now I will explain self-motivation and you will understand easily.

Self-Motivation is a state in which you are stable calm and do not think about consequences, you think about the process, and how to do it. your core intention is to understand the particular process and perform it, by doing this your mind work on only these two thoughts, you don’t give options for others thoughts

The process, and how to act on it, only for these to base thoughts, your mind, start permutation combination, do this- like that, do that -like this, no no do this like that.

So for 2 bases, your mind creates multiples channel- and in mind, in 1-second  approx 2-3 thoughts create. so if you are centered on base, that you will have to do it, then you feel that you are involved, so your entire energy work to guide you to keep you safe.

So what happened, you got to succeed on that particular task.

What happened here? why did you succeed in a particular task?

You may ask?

Actually, when we think about any dream or target. Actually, for only a few seconds you think that you will do it, yes I am saying you do not feel that you will do it.

You will say how you can say it? I am thinking about myself? I am dreaming?

Let me explain!

You do not think about the journey, the process you do not feel it, you do not live it.

You only think you will be this and that.

It is like memorizing 1 and 100.

Not learning 1 to 100.

Let me, more specific.

It’s like someone has a big company you are dreaming that you will have also.

“you are not thinking about it, feeling the process to form a startup take an area on rent then hire the staff, and company registration and then marketing your company, getting leads and selling your products.

The feelings of your first income. Handling your first hurdle, getting sarcasm from your neighbor that you will be next TATA  ”

Have you processed your dream ever like that? Cook Your Dream!

So this is human nature.

Your mind processed and trained by family and society, in a way that never put your self in a complex situation, I am not saying a problem, because its the complexity of time, mind & thoughts we call it the problem.

The mind is always defensive, it will never put you in a complex situation.

But it will never let you be specific.

You will say why?

Its mind feature, to process approx two thoughts in a second and you imagine how many thoughts you have given your mind as per your age.

Whatever we Listen, Read & Watch the mind start working on it, it has no parameter of right or wrong.

So the data your mind has, it works on it, and you are continuously putting data on it( be careful about it).

Now you will say?

You will be feeling like we are not taking on the main point, do not worry, these understanding are necessary so that, you can put your mind on track to process it properly.

So Mind intentionally does not want to feel an intense situation although the end is making you rich,  so this is the reason we want the easy way.

And you’re only thinking about right now you are happy (fulfilled with needs) and after being rich you will be happy.

So the mind has no need to be part of your complex thoughts and you keep dreaming.

And you are flowing with the current state! some times you got filled with mutual induction and feel motivated.

This is the life of 80% Human not only Indian's.

We have many stories that, a poor farmer’s son got to succeed.


His mind state-driven with complexity, and he feels always connected with process and journey.

His mind is familiar with complexity (problem).

Now you will say means you are from the middle class or rich class means you can not be self-motivated?

No, it is not like that.

I told you in starting, the involment of yourself in the dream, is very less.

You do not feel like you, yes, you think in mind that, you will do this and that, you will be-a particular officer like IAS or IPS, or Rich like Tata, & famous like any celebrities.

You have no sense of Journey and Complexity.

So if you are a middle and rich class then.

Ask 3 question from yourself, for any task, at any condition, that

1.Should you do that? (If yes then)

2. Are you capable? (If yes then)

3.Are you aware of the complexity (problems of the journey)? feel how long it will take, people will raise the question on you?  If yes then

If Yes then you are really determined but make sure you will not think about below mentioned, the most important benchmark!

4.Will this plan work out?  Consequences!      (should I start or not)

(This is the question, why the middle class is middle class.)

If you are in a situation you only think about only above 3 questions you are self-motivated.

As much as possible, do not focus on the 4th questions,


But fundamental is the same.

But again at the point, you start thinking about Consequences and you start becoming in
 your current state, that's why you feel less self-motivated because you more think about the consequences.

See all the decisions driven by the consequences.

“Fear and Defence is Natural Power of Mind.”

Do not blame: that you fear, that’s why you think about consequences.

You think about the consequences, your mind starts focusing on fear then defense.

And you never take steps towards a dream and you never feel self-motivated.

Ask the above 3 questions, involve your mind to create a permutation combination of solutions.

Definitely, you will get the way.

Feel Self – Motivated.

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