What is Digital Marketing?

What is Digital Marketing? Why Digital Marketing?

“Marketing is about sending the right message to the right person at the right time”.

Digital marketing helps you to connect the customer who has purchase capacity. Or you can say the customer you will able to connect through the digital medium will have more buying capacity than the customer you will connect via the traditional way.
Digital marketing will give you the right customer, now you can easily transfer the right content at right time.

Through digital medium your customer response rate is fast they can easily connect to you by simply sharing their details & queries but in the traditional way, they will have to visit the local center of your company for queries and more details.

In this way, Digital Marketing has accelerated the growth rate and reduces the establishing time of a company.

As the scenario has changed, people’s presence on the internet has increased very fast.

346 Million Indians have accounts on Facebook.

Which is the highest in the world.

If I say about Google.

Google processes over 3.5 billion searches per day and over 40,000 search queries every second on average.

These data help you to analyze and understand the kind of crowd available on the internet, and which is a benefit of advertising online with google ads?

For marketing, you need an audience, those who have purchase power.

Now somehow if you can filter your audience out of the crowd, and make them connect to your products which is a probable solution for their problem.

Your purpose will be solved.

Now you will ask which tool can help us to connect them.

Here Digital Marketing comes into the picture.

The Different segment of Digital Marketing is going to help you in different ways.

For Facebook audiences, you can run Facebook Ads campaigns.

For Google audiences, you can run Google Ads.

One other way is to optimize your content, on your website- by SEO.

SEO is a Long time process. It takes at least 6 months for your website to optimize, and you need someone who can continuously work on optimization for generating organic leads.

Ordinary Marketing Method?

It is also effective but for well-established brands, like Apple, TATA, DigitalDeepak, etc

using TV, Radio, Newspaper you can cover a large audience in minimum time.

But it will be only one way to connect, they will not be able to connect you smoothly because they will have to visit the store of your brand and discuss their queries, which is a long process.

And if you’re not that famous, they will not visit the store.

And your investment was just for making awareness, and all are doing that.

It is like putting your money in the sea.

Here you need to understand the benefits of digital marketing.

But if you are doing digital marketing and someone visits your website you can retarget them.

If someone is 10% interested you can increase their level of interest, by giving them an offer or by EMI options, or by the free product.

Or if you have a base of your audience, maybe after some time he will have more interest, and you are connected to them by ad or email.

SO they will take your product.

So in the long run whatever you have invested will return.

You will ask how?

Here you need to understand the fundamentals of digital marketing.

The best of Digital Marketing is that each segment is interconnected.

Why am I saying that?

Because each tool will support you to connect your prospect Here AI comes into the picture.

Email Marketing – It is the most effective tool, whatever leads you are generating from different
channels you can send an email on those leads for connecting and nurturing your leads.

You can use different platforms for drip campaigns to automate your email.

Here also the content you were showing should be valuable, and you should also have the right understanding to add value to the life of your leads.

Follow a strong Philosophy if someone is unsubscribing, do not send them mail again until they are not visiting you.

Do not send mail for the sake of sending. 

Try to add some value by some knowledge and sharing free products.

Now you will say it will be very expensive? 

It is less expensive than your ordinary way.

If you will compare the ROI on Digital Marketing and Ordinary Marketing for 1Year.

Your digital marketing is more effective.

In the Long run, Digital marketing cost will-less, for less run it will be high.

For Google Ads- if you are generating 500 leads, the cost per lead will be around 20-25 rupees.

And if you generate 1000 leads, the cost per lead will be 10-15 rupees.

For Facebook Ads – There are 3-4 different kinds of campaigns on Facebook which you can plan as per your need, but much effective is Traffic Campaign to generate traffic on your Page and a Conversion Campaign which helps you to convert your traffic into business.

And for Investment, you can plan as per your budget. You can target the audience as per their age, location, and profession.

The daily investment cost is not high, you can plan only for 100 rupees daily. 


In the above image, you can see for reaching 744 peoples and getting 43 click investment is not so high, only 0.62 rupees for one click. The cost per click will lower if you will run a campaign for a long time.

SEO- In a layman language, SEO helps you to build yourself like people are searching, once you transform yourself as per the need of peoples.

When they will search for related content on google search you will appear.


Here you can see the analytics – out of 64 Session 5 users are organic.

This means in the search my website appears and 5 people came to my website. The result is for only a 1-month-old website.

Here, only you need an expert and, you will have to invest in 3-4 Tools for R&D about the content and their placing and positioning.

So in this way, it will become very easy for you to get organic leads on your website.

And you can retarget them via an email campaign.

For Email Marketing there are few tools which you can use like GMASS, Mailchimp, etc.

They all are paid. But not so high.

Using all the segment of Digital Marketing to build a Cycle of Marketing called Integrated Marketing.

Once Cycle starts working each will support each other, to give you the desired result.

Hope you have now a basic understanding of Digital Marketing How it is a Change Maker for your business.

And you have found your answer, Why Digital Marketing? What is Digital Marketing?


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