What is SEO / Search Engine Optimisation ?

Search Engine Optimisation is trending Nowadays. It is very helpful for any business to generate organic leads.
SEO traffic is free and it helps to offset the cost from paid ads. You can convert your traffic, getting via SEO on the Website, to leads via different tools by taking their contact details.
And you can also, retarget your audience via Fb Ads and Google Ads.

What do you mean by SEO?

SEO means when peoples want to discover you, you should be discoverable on a particular search engine.
Search Engines can be anyone.

If you have a website on the internet( The biggest search engine is Google), Then your website content should be in the way that, if someone is searching for your service-related queries it should be discoverable at that point.
If you have the presence of your restaurant on Zomato which is basically a micro-niche serch engine for restaurants only, So your restaurant should be shown on that serch engine such that, if someone searching, and you have that product, your restaurant name should come on top.

Traffic from the search engine is inbound hence the quality of traffic is high.

They are coming to you in serch of solutions for their problem.

Now you can ask, How can you do SEO for your Website?

The SEO Logritham of occurring in the top in Google serch is unknown.

But few Tools and Tips have discoverd overtime after understanding the behavior of the Google serch engine but no one is sure because google has never disclosed their algorithm.

But still, the Tools and Tactics discoverd over time are effective and on basis of that only all perform the SEO for their website on Google.

“For SEO, it is difficult to rank for short- keywords but with enough content, you can top into long tell keywords, and get a consistent flow of high-quality traffic over a period of time.”

 If you will ask SEO can be effective for any business?
then answer is No!
Why because SEO helps to full fill demand, if your business is not known, people will not search so first you need to generate demand?

It is not useful for unknown products.

Peoples will only search for something when they know that it exists (Usually content, product, services )
For example, An iPad or Tablet would not have had any serch engine volume in the year 2003.

So if you are starting a new business you can run ads to generate the demand.
And then SEO to full fill those demands.

You can ask How does SEO Works?

The primary purpose of the search is to deliver quality and relevant results to their user. Relevancy is very important, For example: if you are searching for a restaurant and it is showing you a list of the supermarket. Not useful at all.
There are multiple levels of relevance if you are searching for a Chinese Restaurant and it is showing you the Russian Restaurant. Then it is still not relevant.
Relevancy includes location, subcategory, pricing- range, and more depending on the niche.
Second, the quality of the result has to be useful for you to make a decision.

SEO is categorized in two way :

  • On-Page SEO
  • Off-Page SEO

On-Page SEO is all about Relevances, the serch engine, need to understand what your website is about.
That’s why the right title, description, and keywords in the content of the website are important.
This is the responsibility of the webmaster as the website owner, who has control over, what is displayed over the web page.
Google search console is communication. between a webmaster and the Google Search Engine.

How to manage the On-Page SEO?

You need to write properly the 4 components of On-Page SEO.

The 4 component of On-Page SEO

  • Title Page: The Title of the Website that also appears on the web browser tab.
  • Meta Description: The description of the site that appears on the SERP.
  • Optimized Image: for Load Speed.
  • Header Tags: H1 & H2 etc


Off-Page SEO is about the quality, and also getting importance on the web.

The Off-Page SEO Components: Quality of Content and Backlinks: For that, you should have a good quality of content and you have a greater number of backlinks from reputed and old websites.
If you have more backlinks then the page is considered to be important.
And if you have quality content then peoples will stay on your web page for more time which you increase the score of your content and URL.

Role of Social Media Engagement for SEO

Serch Engine also tracks the social media engagement on the page once it is published. Higher the engagement, the higher the chance of getting a better ranking. Etc.

Google Loves brand because they are long term and they stick around long.
Approx. there are 200 ranking factors for a website.
Keywords Serch is one of the most important aspects of SEO.
Normally peoples believe that keywords are only required for SEO But keywords also determine the words that your customer use.

You Can ask, How you can know the keywords that customers are searching?

For that, you need to explore SEO tools.

        Paid and UnPaid both tools are available, Below are the few mentioned  SEO Tools.

SEO Tools

1. Google Serch Console
2. Yoast SEO
3.Google Page Speed Insights


You may ask that SEO is tough or easy?

I can say that it is just a matter of interest. If you love copywriting and you are a learner, you can learn different tools you can be master in SEO over time.

Future in SEO Jobs?
As the technology is changing day by day the future of SEO is very bright because all companies are now days moving in online mode, and preferring Digital Marketing for generating leads online. As the number of users on the internet has increased very fast.
Either as a Freelance or as Employee on the job you have a big market to serve.

Around 15000 jobs opening are available right now as an SEO Analyst Job on Naukri.com.

SEO takes at least 6–10Month to generate organic leads for any website.
You need to work on a regular basis to the rank batter in search engines.

For more queries and consultation you can connect to me.

Hope you have now a basic idea about SEO and it’s important.

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