Whats is Google Ads? How to setup Google Ads?

The first serch engine was Archie developed in 1990, It allowed people to search and access the file, mainly the name of the web pages. But was not able to read what was on the web page.

We all know that Google is the biggest Search Engine in the world, and at present Google is one of the best search masters for any queries for anyone.

You Can ask How Google Ads is more effective for your business?

People do not go to waste their time on google. When they have any need (Information, Product Services) or queries they search on google.

Google gets 3.5 Million serch queries per day.

What happened exactly with Google Ads.

People are searching for a product, and you are selling a similar product so, so with the help of Google Ads you are traveling the half path to get your customer and your customer is traveling half path by putting the queries on google.

Both are doing their individual actions and both discover each other.

You are getting a customer and the customer is getting a solution from your product.

So conversion and quality are high of the leads, those you are getting via Google Ads, then other channels.

The intent is clear hence the demographic and interest do not matter.

So now you can understand how Google Ads is much effective for your business.

You can ask it will give only a one-time return? And you are investing a lot?

As you know in the long run google Ads is much cheaper but in the short run, it can be costlier.

But by running Google Ads you are building an asset that will always help you to Improve the Revenue Engine of your company.

Along with some bonus benefits like you will get Keywords (Basically the serch queries of peoples) to use for SEO and Content which can use on other channels too.

You can ask how Serch Engine Works?

Each Search Engine has a particular algorithm of programming on which it performs, but mainly the 3 sequences of task an engine complete in the background to so you a result.

  1. They go through the content from all database, they have permission to see, it’s called crawling.
  2. The make categorization of content that’s called indexing.
  3. They take the decision which content is most relevant new and useful, that’s called ranking.

Similarly, Google has some algorithms and programming to perform the search. But no one knows exactly what all are.

So now you have a clear idea about the Google search engine and How its works.

Similarly, Google has some algorithms and programming to perform the search. But no one knows exactly what all are.

You can ask many peoples are doing the Ads Campaign so how you will get more traffic than them?

You will get the most traffic at the lowest cost when you run many campaigns on a low daily budget.

Once a campaign will start working it will continue working for several years. Build Asset.

You need a strong funnel to convert traffic into leads and leads into sales.

The funnels need to be like Leads>SalesPage>Buyers.

Running a Conversion Optimised Ad is very important to make google ads work.

Search Traffic & Display Network can drive a lot of traffic at a very low cost.

Display Campaign can be used to retarget the audience who are already in the funnel, as you know Youtube is the second largest search engine in the world.

So at the end of the thing is the quality of your services or product will give you the strength to go long.

Before going much about what kind of campaign you can run on google you need to understand how you can monitor the conversion and effectiveness of your ads.

So Conversion Ads will help you to do so. You need to put the conversion tracking code to your conversation page once a user will

sign up or register the code should be at the last showing page it can be thank you page.

In this way, you can know how much traffic landed on your Ads and how much has got converted to a lead.

If a particular Ads campaign getting more traffic but the lead conversion is not happening you are not getting the right traffic for that you need to make a change in your Ads Campaign. Google Ads Manager will suggest you appropriate things to do, for improving your campaign.Google Ads

You can ask what is the Conversion and Tracking code.?

By creating Conversion Ads it will give you a snippet to add to the page to track the conversion.

Creating the right conversion pixel is very important to make the Google Ads campaign more efficient.

Create a tracking code for each stage of your funnel.

Create an audience from the conversion tracking code just like FB pixel. You can create from the Audience Manager.

Unlike the Facebook Pixel, different codes have to be placed on different pages along with the global site tag.

You can do all these trackings without Google Analytics, and can get the report from google Ads Manager.

No need to worry about how you will manage all these codes, you can use Google Tag Manager.

Now you can ask what kind of campaign Google Ads has, Do all campaigns are the same?


As per your goal, Google has a different kind of campaign.

Google Ads Goal

Google Ads Goal Like

  1.  Leads
  2.  Sales
  3. Website Traffic




Google Ads Campaign.                                    GoogleAds Campaign Types

  1. Display Ads.
  2. Search Ads
  3. Video Ads.




There are different kinds of Google Ads but mostly the Search Ads, Display Ads, and Google Ads used for Leads, Sales, and Website traffic generation.

You can Ask! What all are these Ads and how they work?

Search Ads:-

For making a search Ads, initially, you need to think about some set of Keywords that you can find from different tools.

First, finalize the 10-15 highly relevant keywords.

Keywords in Google Search Ads are usually categorized into below ways. And they are key components that need to be analyzed properly for a successful Ads Campaign.

  1. Broad Match
  2. Phrase Match
  3. Exact Match
  4. Broad Match Modifier
  5. Negative Keywords

You can start with broad match keywords.

You can take help from Google Keywords Planner, Ahrefs, Google Auto Suggest, or as per your experience, you can think and pick what your audience is searching for.

Expand your search campaign to display the network.

Create more ad groups and landing pages for different themes optimization.

Run the Ads for few days to find out the search term.

Google Ads Cycle

Normally Google Take 24 Hour to make live your campaign after Verification. Do people ask how long Google Takes to verify a campaign? initially, it will take a long time but once you will start running the campaign from your account they will start approving in less than 1 hour.

Video Ads:-

You need your video on youtube before creating the Video Ads.

You can use a Sales Video on your landing page to use it on your video Ads.

Video Ads are mainly 3 types-

  1. Search Ads.
  2. In-stream Skippable Ads.-5second
  3. Bumper Ads.

In all these Ads you need to put a call to action that leads to a landing page or sales page.

Build an Audience using your own Pixel.

Youtube Video Campaign works well in partnership with serch Campaign and Display Campaign.

Display Ads:-

A smart display campaign is the best type of Display Ads to run.

It is effortless to create, and you can add images, text, logos, and Google will automatically create ads of different sizes for you.

Smart Display Campaign only works when you have a conversion setup.

Google will automatically do the bidding for your ads, you do not need to adjust anything.

Google will automatically decide the audience and keywords, just ensure that your daily budget is 10X of your target CPA.

This is Ads on complete Automation.


Now you can ask once you have set up your ads then it will perform no need to do anything?


You need to monitor your ads on daily basis and do the optimization that’s required.

But do not take any decision that ad is working or not very quickly let it run for few days. Below point optimize on daily basis.

  • Gather more data to analyze any outcome.
  • But remove negative keywords by looking in serch term on daily basis.
  • Create a new targeted ad group based on serch term.
  • Have one phrase match and an exact match on each ad group.

For the Bidding strategy Maximise Daily Conversion instead of target CPA(Avergae Cost Per Action ).

Hope you have a basic idea about Google Ads.

Google Ads is very much helpful for the business to increase their revenue.

With the help of Google Ads, you are making a cycle that going to give you leads continuously and your product/services inquiries will crease very fast.

And with the help of a tracking code, you retarget whoever has visited your website.

Now you can understand, a  startup can go ahead, from the old firm. In any Niche by covering maximum inquiries through Ads.


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